Monday, October 5, 2009

More soccer and Furniture shopping

Soccer may become the theme of this fall. By the end of it, I should really know a lot more about the game!

On Sunday morning, We went and cheered on Ty as he played in his first game with a local soccer team. He played well, although he struggled a bit with the lack of air. Rio Rancho sits at 5,290 ft. MUCH different from Florida. I enjoyed watching and taking pictures. By the end of our time here, I should be a lot better with my camera. There is just so much going on to take pictures of! And having the blog is good incentive as well :) Here are some of my favorite pictures of Ty's game:

Feeling the pain now...

The rest of the weekend (Saturday and Sunday afternoons) was spent furniture shopping. We managed to visit most of the furniture stores in the greater Albuquerque area. We had fun though and found some good stuff. Should you need anyone to refurnish your house, we are now experts :) Here's a picture of Ty with his favorite bedroom set...

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