Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ty and I have been talking awhile about getting a dog. We really love Australian Shepherds but we wanted to find a dog that was from a shelter. Well, when I looked yesterday and found Aussie puppies at a nearby shelter, we just had to call! It turns out the puppies are only 5 weeks old and without a mother. They are too young to be officially adopted, but the shelter was looking for a foster home for them. They need lots of love and need to stay together until they are at least 8 weeks old. If they didn't find a foster home today or tomorrow, they were going to be sent up to some shelters up in Colorado. Well, we couldn't let that happen, and since no one else volunteered to take them in, tomorrow we will begin fostering 6 puppies! They are completely adorable and it will be hard to part with them at the end (although, if all pans out, we will be keeping one). Since I have the free time, it just made sense for us to do it. This will definitely be a big adventure for us, but we can't wait. Here is a picture of two of the puppies from the shelter's website. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some pictures of all of them together :) Anyone want a puppy?

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